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Fhyzics - a global leader in business analysis services – offers custom developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to organisations both in India and abroad. Fhyzics is an REP of International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB®), Germany and Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USA.

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REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, IREB®, Germany
Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USA

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  • What is an SOP?

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    What is an SOP?

    SOP is to ensure that the activities are performed in a systematic way
  • Purpose of SOP

    Organizations have diverse reasons to develop Standard Operating Procedures
  • SOP Benefits

    Implementing SOP results in increased productivity and profitability
  • Format or Templates" data-mosaic-order-date="">
    SOP format is a function of the purpose. There is no single universal template
  • Process Map" data-mosaic-order-date="">
    Mapping the current state & future state processes lay the foundation of SOP
  • Exe. Dev. Program" data-mosaic-order-date="">
    Fhyzics’ Executive Development Program on SOP is designed for CEO’s, VPs, General Managers etc.
  • SOP Guidelines

    The factors responsible for the development of good & effective SOPs
  • Types

    Purpose determines the type of SOP that need to be developed
  • SOP Techniques

    Management techniques that helps in SOP development
  • Framework" data-mosaic-order-date="">
    Fhyzics’ proprietary method of SOP development through four consecutive phases.
  • Tools

    The list of tools that are helpful in the design development of SOPs
  • Elements of SOP

    The necessary components and details of a good Standard Operating Procedure.


Standard Operating Procedures are developed through three distinct phases.
Assessment | Development | Implementation



During the first phase, our team of consultants will establish the purpose of the SOP, identify the key stakeholders and define the primary, secondary & management processes.


The key activities of second phase includes the development of current state and future state process maps, development of SOPs and review with stakeholders.


The employees are given training on the reviewed and approved SOPs. Post the training, the employees are audited for the adoption of SOPs and if necessary provided additional training.


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Fhyzics is the world’s first consulting company offering dedicated services for the design, development, implementation and training on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Fhyzics Standard Operating Procedure Division has a combined experience of over 40 years in developing SOPs. Fhyzics team is composed of Engineers, Management Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Risk Managers, Psychologists, who contribute the development of custom made Standard Operating Procedures. Over the last decade, Fhyzics has developed Standard Operating Procedure for the following verticals. You may find the list of typical Standard Operating Procedures that may be required in these verticals.

Automotive Standard Operating Procedure | Construction Standard Operating Procedure | Education Standard Operating Procedure | Finance Standard Operating Procedure | Healthcare Standard Operating Procedure | Hospitality Standard Operating Procedure | Info. Tech. Standard Operating Procedure | Manufacturing Standard Operating Procedure | Pharmaceutical Standard Operating Procedure | Retail Standard Operating Procedure | Supply Chain Standard Operating Procedure 



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