10 Business Mantras

At this age of business disruptions, if you are planning to start your own enterprise or already running an organization, you should be thorough on certain business fundamentals. I call them The Ten Mantras for running an organization successfully. Let us go through them. 

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Pink Revolution

While tracing the influence of technology in different aspects of our life from 1980’s, it is well known that we have made great strides in most of the areas except few and one of them is our kitchens at home. The appliances what we use in the kitchens has not much transformed over the last 30 years or so. My point here is that the technological improvement what we have witnessed in communication, healthcare etc. is not reflected in the kitchen to the same degree. Why it is so? I found three possible reasons that might have contributed to this stagnation or lower impact: 

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How to Write Business Plan?

Every million dollar business starts with a little seed of an idea. So the is foremost important but an idea is not enough. From a lot of ideas, only a few are unique and it’s very rare that the idea is converted into a plan. So, how to write a business plan? And what are the components of a good plan? A good business plan should seem like it’s a projection into the future which includes all the conflict elements of the initial idea. You should not be too optimistic about your idea. It needs to include all of the needed things, not just the best case scenario but also the reality.

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Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)? The word ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ shortly known as SOP, probably originated in military or healthcare domains to instill best practices in performing a specific function. SOP is a written document with step-by-step instructions to guide the performer of a process or a function or an activity. The purpose of SOP is not to teach someone how to do a work or to impart a skill, but to imbibe best practices that ensures some sort of standardization in performing a work in a most optimal way.

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