Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service

"What you cannot measure you cannot control"
"Unless you change your behaviour, you continue to get the same result what you got"

These two popular quotes very well express the need for the Online Reputation Management (ORM). Fhyzics offers ORM service to both corporates and individuals, who would like to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control their online image. It refers to how an organization or individual or product or service is portrayed in the online platforms where your prospects are looking for information to support their buying decisions.

In today’s scenario, it is very hard to run a business that does not have its share of impact (positive or negative) from the internet especially in developed and developing countries. The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are composed of websites, blogs, forums, social media etc. Anyone can write anything on the internet without being caught, but the same act may have a larger ramification for your company. In a way, this situation is given, we cannot debate why it is so? We all are expected to work within this new reality.


Fhyzics has adopted the Six Sigma Methodology, DMAIC for its ORM service as it addresses at the level of root causes rather than superficial. Here is our five stage customized process that delivers a superior ORM service.
Online Reputation Management
1. Define ORM: First, we need to understand what do we mean by online reputation management for your organization and the scope of it. We have to be clear what is the image we want to build that is representative of your organization. The scope of Online Reputation Management can range from a few websites or social media your prospects and customers visits to the entire internet. At the end of the define stage, an ORM Project Charter is developed and the same is approved by the management.
2. Measure the Current State: Once we define ORM, we need to measure the current state, meaning how we are doing now? Or where weare on ORM?
3. Analyze the Root Cause: During the analysis state, we map the current state of the organizational processes that are responsible for the current state. The gaps are pinpointed and appropriate solution is developed to attain the desired future state.
4. Improve the Processes: The findings from the analysis state are implemented, which could be in the form of improving the processes, additional training to the manpower or improving the existing system or implementation of new systems.
5. Control the Processes: To attain the desired result, the processes should be sustained. Hence these processes will be continuously monitored to ensure that the future state is reached, sustained and further improved.

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