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Welcome to Fhyzics – The Business Analysis Company

Fhyzics, a leader in business analysis, helps organisations in building their business capabilities for sustainability and growth. To bring the global best practices to its clients, Fhyzics partnered with APICS, IREB® and PDMA. Fhyzics business consulting services include business plan, SOP, NPD services, supply chain services, customer service improvement etc.

International Channel Partner, APICS, USA
REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, IREB®, Germany
Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USA

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Business Consulting

Fhyzics defines an organization as the zone of confluence of capabilities brought together by people, systems and processes. The processes are helping the organization to assemble the capabilities of people and systems. The goal of an organization is to efficiently and effectively use these capabilities to create products or services for their customers. Again these products or services are nothing but the capabilities bought by the customers. In summary, organizations use capabilities to produce capabilities.
Over the years, Fhyzics team has developed a strong understanding that all the challenges faced by an organization emanates from either the mismatch between these capabilities or misunderstanding of capabilities. Businesses operate in a dynamic environment where change or disruption is a continuous process, which makes these capabilities ineffective or misfit over the time.

New Product Development

Successful innovation creates value to the company which is a key driver of business growth. Creation of innovative products and services will achieve competitive market share and leverage to address customer needs better. With our reliable insights based on years of practical expertise, we burst complex problems into simple, through our research, creative, and technical expertise which will add value throughout the product development process. We leverage the latest technologies to build innovative products engaging with your firm that keeps you ahead of the competition. We transform fancy ideas to make believable on floor by handling all aspects from designing to commercialization. We construct blueprint for your products will inspire us to take go/no go decision on drafting which will explore your brand attributes and delight your customers. We work with clients by addressing the unmet customer needs by understanding their strength and weakness.

Supply Chain Management

Fhyzics consistently finds that supply chains play a critical role in helping companies achieve growth objectives. In today’s markets, companies are increasingly challenging their supply chains on multiple dimensions, including flexibility, cost reduction, predictable risk management and customer service levels. Our supply chain consultants help ensure that our client’s supply chains are a source of competitive advantage for meeting both short- and long-term goals.

Business Analysis

Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited, a global leader in Business Analysis Consulting and Training, offers the most comprehensive and highly practical business analysis training for both executives and practitioners.

Our Recent Flagship Business Consulting Projects

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Business Support Services under one roof.

  • Business Plan
  • 190+ Ready-to-Use Business Plans
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  • Developed Based on Investor Approach
  • Customised to Your Specific Business
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  • SOPs
  • 35+ Ready to use SOPs
  • Streamlines the business products
  • Global Best Practices made accessible
  • Tailormade to fit your process and organization 
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  • EDPs
  • 100+ One-day
  • Ready to implement Business Frameworks
  • Guaranteed 50 Takeaways for Implementation 
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