• Building Business Excellence For Sustainable Growth and Profitability

  • Enterprise Analysis Service Exposes the Bottlenecks That Prevents Growth

  • Streamline Your Processes Using SOP – A Process Improvement & Standardisation Tool

  • Transforming A Novel Business Idea Into A Viable Business Plan

  • Analytics to Unearth Hidden Opportunities and Data Driven Decisions

  • Movie Analysis Service – For Successful Movies Like ‘Thani Oruvan’

  • One-Day Executive Development Programs – Assured Impact On Business

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Fhyzics - a global leader in business analysis - offers business consulting, business analysis, business analytics, business plan, process improvement, standard operating procedure, product development, movie analysis and supply chain services to organisations in India and abroad. Fhyzics conducts training to attain global professional certifications such as CSCP, CPIM, CBAP®, CPRE and NPDP – gold standards in supply chain, inventory management, business analysis, requirements engineering and product development.

International Channel Partner, APICS, USA
EEP™ of International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA®, Canada
REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, IREB®, Germany
Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USAApics             IIBA Endorsed Education logo final 2011IREP Logo  PDMA Logo3  




Consulting delivered in three distinct phases.
Approach Plan | Consulting Proposal | Service Delivery


1.Approach Plan

Our consultants gather the requirements either in-person or through video conference and present the approach plan. Please note there will be a minimal charge for the Approach Plan.

2.Consulting Proposal

On Stakeholders agreement on the Approach Plan, Fhyzics will submit the proposal indicating deliverables, team members, project duration and cost.

3.Service Delivery

On signing agreement and NDA, our team will commence the consulting assignment as per the proposal.



These documents support in training, understanding the industry, business expansion, process improvement and new business setup.

  • Business Ideas
  • Business Plans / Business Ideas
  • Executive Summary of Revolutionary Business Ideas
  • Two to Five Pages
  • Idea Validated using Market Research
  • More Details
  • Case Studies
  • 52 Industry Specific Case Studies
  • Recreates Real Life Scenarios for Effective Learning
  • Five to Ten Pages
  • Incorporates the most Recent Trends in the Industry
  • Research Reports
  • 19 Industry Research Reports
  • A Thorough Analysis of the given Industry
  • Twenty to Fifty Pages
  • Prepared for Specific Geographies in Focus
  • More Details


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  • Idea
  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Improve

Business Idea

Best business ideas are the seed for flourishing enterprises. Whether it is small business ideas or online business ideas, it need to be validated before making any investment. Many entrepreneurs keep questioning them, how to start a business? And are looking for disruptive business ideas. For any good business idea, three things are very important – there is a market which needs the product, the market is willing to pay for the product and that the promoter will make money. Fhyzics’ team of consultants constantly generate new business ideas based on market research and if you see an alignment between any of our business ideas and your capability, we hope you have zeroed in on the next big thing! ...more

Business Plan

Entrepreneurs frequently encounter a road block on how to make a business plan? Or how to write a business plan? There is no point in reinventing the business plan format rather it would be better to adopt the winning business plan template. Business plan is a design and communication tool for the given business idea. Using business plans the entrepreneur is able to organize his/her business idea and able to present it to the potential investors. Fhyzics offers two broad services in business plans, one, you can buy our business plan tool kit to develop the business plan yourself, second, you can hire our services and we develop the business plan from scratch...more

Market Research

Market research or marketing research refers to the process of gathering information and data to understand and substantiate the various decisions presented in the business plan or business development. Marketing research process deploys both qualitative and quantitative techniques to gather and validate data, such as focus groups, interviews, ethnographic studies, document analysis etc. Market research is typically used for market strategy, market intelligence, market size, market segmentation, business research etc....more

Business Consulting

A validated business idea and the subsequent business plan need to be implemented to reap the benefits of that idea. Our business consulting or management consulting services help businesses in starting a business, in business development and in designing a business strategy...more

Process Improvement

Process improvement is all about establishing the current state and future state of the organization and then recommending the appropriate solution to bridge the gap between the two states. Fhyzics uses various process improvement methods such as lean, six sigma, lean six sigma and benchmarking in process mapping, defining the business processes and continuous improvement. Business leaders constantly encounters a question, ‘How to improve business?’ Building the process improvement capability within one’s organization is the only answer. Since process improvement is not an event, but a journey to be undergone...more

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • SOP a Process Control Tool +

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) streamlines the business processes within the organisation by establishing a standard and instilling best practices. This enables a benchmark against which the process made to be monitored and controlled.
  • SOP Improves Safety & Security +

    Standard Operating Procedure establishes the best way to do a given task. This is attained by constantly improving the practices and making it part of SOP. An organisation which religiously follows standard operating procedure can place itself close to zero safety and security issues.
  • SOP Reduces Cost of Operation +

    Standard Operating Procedure helps to remove non value adding activities in a business process thus reduces the cost of operation and increases the profit margin.
  • SOP Results in Customer Satisfaction +

    Standard Operating Procedure creates an environment where the product and services undergo same processes. This ensures that the product and services produced meet the exacting standards which results in superior customer satisfaction.
  • SOP Enables Reinforcement +

    Standard Operating Procedure acts as a training document for the organisation. Using SOP the best practices can be reinforced both for existing employees and new joiners.
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  • Business Plan with Guidance

    World’s first Business Plan tool kit that comes with business plan format guidelines, business plan template, business plan ppt, business plan sample, tips on developing a business proposal, checklists, business model analysis framework and access to our eLearning course on 'How to make a business plan?'. Be it a small business plan or a new business plan, our business plan tool kit helps you to succeed.
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