Business Strategy

Mission, Vision, Strategy and Operations are the most misused terms right from individual discussions to high profile corporate meetings. Though the line that separates these terms are little blur, failing to recognize them is a serious trouble invited by a company.

Mission is the very reason why a company exists. Mission brings money into the company and is an on-going activity. On the other hand, vision is the milestone in the mission of the company, which it wants to achieve in the future. In other words, vision is the quantification of the mission. Strategy is the plan-of-action that helps the company to reach the vision. The physical form of strategy can be divided into two parts. One is operations and the other is projects. Operations are the mundane activities that are carried out day-in and day-out. On the other hand, projects are time bound, unique activities carried by the company through which revenue flow happens.

Fhyzics conducts a holistic assessment of the entire organization and helps to establish their Mission and Vision and thus establish the right Strategy. We help you not only to formulate a strategy, but also assist you in implementing the strategy - meaning a plan of action to place your company in an execution mode.