All organisations on the face of earth are constantly bombarded with forces of change. They originate both from inside and outside the organisation. These forces of change disrupt the state of equilibrium between the organisation and its environment. No organisation can say no to these changes, meaning not to change is not an option at all. These forces of change emanates from needs, problems and opportunities – either internal or external. The need has to be satisfied, problem should be solved and opportunity may be capitalised. Organisations that recognise these forces, raise in the industry as a leader and those who didn’t fall as victim. Fhyzics’ Enterprise Analysis Assessment helps you to see these forces of change for your organisation and identify the needs, problems and opportunities. Is it a once-in-lifetime ritual? Certainly not! Organisations have to periodically assess and deal with them. Fhyzics recommends that Enterprise Analysis Assessment need to be carried out at least once in a year.

But why organisations are not able to recognise these forces of change? There are various reasons that can be attributed to this. First, most of the organisations are operations oriented with less focus on future. Second, not many have time to think in this line as they are already over working. Third, these forces of change are like a slow poison that will not pose a sudden risk, but slowly weakens the organisation.

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Organisation vs. Environment:
To succeed in business, organisations need to be aligned with the environment. Environment is composed of regulators, competitors, suppliers, customers, activists, legal framework etc. As long as the organisation and the environment is static, no change is required. But this seldom happens. Both organisation and environment constantly changes for various reasons and it creates a sort of imbalance. These changes need to be addressed through various projects to realign the organisation with the environment.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” - H. James Harrington 

Deliverables and Value
Deliverables: Enterprise Analysis Report (EAR)
Value: (1) Management comes to know the forces of change and the resultant needs, problems and opportunities, (2) Recommendations to satisfy the needs, solve the problems and capitalise the opportunities

How it Works?
(1) Please visit our Chennai office located at Tamarai Tech Park, Guindy or meet over video conference or have a telephonic conversation to help us understand about your organization
(2) Then Fhyzics will submit a proposal with details such as Enterprise Analysis team members, date of visit, duration, cost of service, deliverables etc.
(3) Once the proposal is agreed and the payment is made, Fhyzics team will visit your facility and make the enterprise analysis assessment
(4) Within 10 days of completion of the assessment, you will receive the Enterprise Analysis Report (EAR)
(5) A review will be arranged through video conference or phone call or one of your management representative may visit our office.

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