An organisation may have a wonderful product or service, but if its sales process is not well set, the sustainability and growth of the organisation is severely hampered. Such organisations not only miss the opportunity but also provide room for the competition to better their products or services. Fhyzics’ SalesJourn is a process-centric framework that completely analyses your organisations sales process and provides deep insights to reach the full potential. Also, SalesJourn will make your sales organisation as process-centric rather than person-centric. A typical SalesJourn implementation in an organisation includes the following:

  • Current state assessment of the sales process
  • Mapping the sales process
  • Competitor analysis in terms of process, products and services
  • Defining the customer profile and persona
  • Analysing the customer buying behaviour
  • Digital presence of your organisation, which includes website, blogs, forums and social media
  • Sales trends analysis for the industry and region
  • Market size analysis
  • Assessment of business, market, regulatory and other risks
  • Consolidation of B2B Leads for your city of operation or region
  • Development of Sales Process Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Training of the sales professionals in alignment with the SOP
  • Development of Enterprise Sales Strategy
  • Defining the future state of the sales process

What is a Sales Process ScoreCard?
SalesJourn Scorecard is a process-centric assessment of your organisation’s sales process. The scorecard measures parameters such as
Sales process robustness supported by Standard Operating Procedure for the sales organisation
How customer enquiries are generated, captured, processed, converted and made as an account? And response and conversion rate at various stages?
What is the degree of sales process automation and customer relationship management?
What is the market opportunity and how much and how well it is captured by your sales process at this stage?
Visibility of your products and services in social media, search engines, blogs, forums, press etc.
Promotion of your products and services through your website such as content, ease of navigation, organisation of pages etc.
Benchmarking your organisation with respect to few of your key competitors in terms of your sales process?



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