Pharmaceutical Standard Operating Procedures

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Action to be taken During Spillage/Breakage of Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Action to be taken for Unusual Observation for Instrument During Calibration [Pharmaceutical]
Air Dryers [Pharmaceutical]
Air Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Allocating Document Protocol Number for Instrument Qualification [Pharmaceutical]
Allocating Identification Number to Instrument/Equipment [Pharmaceutical]
Alu Alu Blister Pack Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Analysis and Release of Finished Product Sample [Pharmaceutical]
Analysis of Water [Pharmaceutical]
Analysis on UV-Visible Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Analyst Validation [Pharmaceutical]
Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Automatic Batch Printing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Automatic Capsule Filling Line [Pharmaceutical]
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Automatic Coating System (NEOCOTA 48") [Pharmaceutical]
Backup/Restore Analytical Data in Electronic Form [Pharmaceutical]
Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL) Test [Pharmaceutical]
Bacterial Endotoxin Test [Pharmaceutical]
Bacteriological Incubator [Pharmaceutical]
Bacteriological Incubator in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Batch Printing Machine (Semi-Automatic) [Pharmaceutical]
Behaviour in Quality Control Department [Pharmaceutical]
Biomerieux Kit [Pharmaceutical]
Blister Pack Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Breakdown Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery and Facility [Pharmaceutical]
Bursting Strength Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cad Mill [Pharmaceutical]
Cage Blender [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Dry Bath [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration BOD / Bacteriological Incubator [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration Procedure of U.V.Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration Programme [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Automatic Box Compression Strength Tester (Digital Model) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Autotitrator [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Autotitrator in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Balance [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Balance in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Brook Field Viscometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Bursting Strength Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Colony Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Conductivity Meter [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Conductivity TDS Meter [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Coulter Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Disintegration Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of FT-IR Spectrometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Gas Chromatograph [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Glassware [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Glassware in Pharmaceuticals [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of HPLC (Low Pressure Quaternary Gradient Liquid Chromatograph) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of HPLC Column Oven [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Halogen Moisture Analyzer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Hardness Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Head Space Gas Chromatograph [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Hot Air Oven [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Infrared Moisture Balance [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Infrared Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Instruments in Production and Quality Control [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Karl Fischer Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Melting Point Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Mercury Filled Glass Thermometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Micropipettes [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Microscope [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Oven [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Pipettes, Burettes and Volumetric Flasks Used in Quality Control [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Plunger Operated Pipette [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Polarimeter [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Polarimeter in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Potentiometric Titrator (Metrohm) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Refractometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Refractometer in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Slit-to-Agar Air Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Thermometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Thermometer in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Vacuum Oven [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Vernier Calliper [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of Walk-in-Incubators 20-25⁰ C and 30-35⁰ C [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of pH Meter (GMPH) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of pH Meter (pH Tutor) [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration of pH Meter Temperature Sensor [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration pH Meters [Pharmaceutical]
Calibration and System Suitability of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer [Pharmaceutical]
Careful Handling of Poisonous Chemicals [Pharmaceutical]
Carrying out Air Borne Particle Count in Static Condition [Pharmaceutical]
Carton Sealing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Centrifuge Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Centrifuge Machine in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Challenge Test of Solid Flow Monitor in Fluid Bed Dryer [Pharmaceutical]
Changeovers Carried Out in Manufacturing and Packing Area [Pharmaceutical]
Check suitability of Dissolution Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Check the Fertility Properties of the Procured Microbiological Media [Pharmaceutical]
Checking Effectiveness of Disinfection / Cleaning Procedure [Pharmaceutical]
Checkweigher [Pharmaceutical]
Chemical Sanitation of Pretreatment Section of Purified Water Generation System [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning Procedure for Dissolution Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning Procedure of Balances [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning Zone Reader [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Maintenance of Microscope [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Disinfection [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Maintenance of Boilers [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Maintenance of Fogger [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of Anaerobic Culture Jar [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30⁰ C - 35⁰ C) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of Bio-safety Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of Laminal Air Flow Workstation [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of Communiting Mil [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Lab [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Section with Disinfectants [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Sterilization of Glassware Used in Microbiology Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Storage of Flexible Pipes [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning foe DHS [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning for Microbiology Laboratory other than Clean Area [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Alu-Alu Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Cleaning of Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Autodiluter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Automatic Cartoning Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Automatic Coating System [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Automatic Distillation Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Barrel Pump And Pipe [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Bins and HDPE Containers [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Blister Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Box Compression Strength Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Brooke Field Viscometer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Bursting Strength Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Cad Mill [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Capsule Filling Line [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Centrifuge [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Checkweigher [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Chilled Water System [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Clean Area (Sterile Area) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Colloidal Mill [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Colony Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Colony Counter in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Conveyor Belt [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Coulter Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Deblistering Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Deburring and Dedusting Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Deep Freezer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Dehumidifier [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Dispensing Utensils [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Dispensing and Sampling Room [Pharmaceutical] 
Cleaning of Dissolution Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Drum Mixer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of EPD Collator Machine with Strip Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Equipment and Accessories in Production Area [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Equipments in Microbiology Section [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Exhaust Ducts in Coating Area [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of FBD Bag [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Fluidised Bed Dryer (FBD) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Friability Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Gas Chromatograph (Head Space) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Glassware Used for Microbiological Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Glassware Used in Chemical Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Glassware for Microbiology [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Halogen Moisture Analyzer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Heating Block [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Hose Pipe of Dust Extraction System [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Incubator [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Karl Fischer Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Lighting and Fixtures [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Melting Point Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Metal Detector [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Metrohm Karl Fischer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Microbiological Glassware with Chromic Acid Mixture [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Microbiology Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Microscope [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Mini Roll Compactor [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Multi Roll [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Octagonal Blender [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Oven for Depyrogenation [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Oven for Incubator at 55⁰ C [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Pallet [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Paste Kettle [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Photoflurometer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Polarimeter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Polariscope [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Pressure Vessel, Peristaltic Pump and Spraying Gun [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Puncture Resistance Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Quality Control Dept. Throughout Working [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Quality Control Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Quadrant Meter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Rapid Mixer Granulator (R.M.G) [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Refractometer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Refirgerator [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of S.S. Bins, Containers, Pallet, Hosepipes Material Transfer Pipe and Accessories [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of S.S. Vessel and Utensils [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Sampling Equipment [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Semi Auto Induction Cap Sealing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Slit to Agar Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Sterile Dress Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Steritest [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Stirrer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Strip Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Tablet Compression Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Tablet Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Tablet Hardness Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Tap Density Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Three Piece Filling Machine Parts and Silicon Tubing [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of U.V. / Visible Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Ultrasonic Bath [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Vacuum Oven [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Vertical Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Vibro Sifter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Water Bath [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Water Bath in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of Water Purification System [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning of the Insecticutors [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning off Capsule Filling Cubicle [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning, Maintenance and Calibration of Digital Colony Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning, Operation and Calibration of Antibiotic Zone Reader [Pharmaceutical]
Co-Mill [Pharmaceutical]
Collection and Storage of Control Sample [Pharmaceutical]
Collection and Storage of Retained Samples of Packaging Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Collection and Storage of Retained Samples of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Collection and Testing of Samples During Process Simulation [Pharmaceutical]
Collection of Swab Sample [Pharmaceutical]
Colloid Mill [Pharmaceutical]
Compression Machine 20 Station (Single Rotary Type) [Pharmaceutical]
Compression Machine 27 Stations (Double Rotary Type) [Pharmaceutical]
Conduct Temperature Mapping in Stores [Pharmaceutical]
Control Environment Chamber (30⁰ C / 75% RH) [Pharmaceutical]
Control Environment Chamber (40⁰ C / 75% RH) [Pharmaceutical]
Control of Master Data Generation by Computer System [Pharmaceutical]
Control of Record of Analysis in Quality Control [Pharmaceutical]
Conveyor Belt in Packing [Pharmaceutical]
Cooling Systems (Chillers) [Pharmaceutical]
Cooling Towers [Pharmaceutical]
Count Down Timer [Pharmaceutical]
DOP Testing (Filter Integrity Testing) of HEPA Filters [Pharmaceutical]
De-aeration of Dissolution Media [Pharmaceutical]
De-blistering Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Debarring Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Deburring & Dedusting Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Dehumidifier [Pharmaceutical]
Destroying the Inprocess, Finished Product and Raw Materials Samples Timely After Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Destruction of Control Samples (Raw Material and Finished Product) [Pharmaceutical]
Destruction of Online Rejects of Printed and Overprinted Packaging Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Destruction of Rejected Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Determination Microbial Contamination in Raw Materials and Finished Products [Pharmaceutical]
Die Blocking [Pharmaceutical]
Diesel Generator Set (DG) [Pharmaceutical]
Dispatch the Finished Goods Outside the Factory Premises [Pharmaceutical]
Dispensing and Issuance of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Dispensing and Issuing of Packing Material as Per Production Requirement [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Contaminated Material [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Empty Media Container [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Expired Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents and Micro-biological Medium [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Media [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Media containing Growth [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Media Fill Vials [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Media Fill Vials after Observation [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Microbial Culture Media and Cleaning of Glassware Used for Culture Media [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Rejected Packing Material [Pharmaceutical]
Disposal of Wastage and Transfer to ETP [Pharmaceutical]
Dynamic Pass Box [Pharmaceutical]
Electrical Safety [Pharmaceutical]
Entering in Inoculation Room [Pharmaceutical]
Entering in Sterility Testing Room [Pharmaceutical]
Entry and Exit in Area for Microbiological Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Entry and Exit in Microbiological Testing Room [Pharmaceutical]
Entry and Exit into Form Fill Seal (FFS) Area [Pharmaceutical]
Entry and Exit into Microbiology Testing Area and Sterility Testing Area [Pharmaceutical]
Entry and Exit into Quality Control Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Entry in and Exit from the Suspension Manufacturing [Pharmaceutical]
Enumeration of Spore Count in Biological Indicators [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring By Non Viable Air Particle Count [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area: Non Viable Air Particle Count of Air [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area by Air Sampling for Viable Count using Air Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area: Finger Prints and Gown Sampling [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Clean Area and LAF Modules [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Dispensing and Sampling Area in Raw Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Manufacturing Area by Settling Plate Count [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Parenteral Processing Area by RODAC Plate and Swab [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Parenteral Processing Area by Settling Plate Count Method [Pharmaceutical]
Environmental Monitoring of Walk-in-Incubators [Pharmaceutical]
Evaluation of Analyst's Performance [Pharmaceutical]
Evaluation of Compressed Air in Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products [Pharmaceutical]
Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring Results (Trend Analysis) [Pharmaceutical]
FBD [Pharmaceutical]
Fumigation in Microbiology Lab [Pharmaceutical]
Fumigation in Production Area by Using 5% Gramicid and Fogger [Pharmaceutical]
Fumigation of Microbiology Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Garment Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
General Test Procedure [Pharmaceutical]
Glassware Washing [Pharmaceutical]
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) [Pharmaceutical]
Gowning Procedure for Quality Control [Pharmaceutical]
Gowning Procedure for Visitors [Pharmaceutical]
Growth Promotion Test and Calibration of Inoculum [Pharmaceutical]
Guideline for Storage Condition of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Guideline for System Suitability Test for HPLC Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Guidelines for Working in Microbiology Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
HPLC Analysis and Documentation [Pharmaceutical]
HPLC Column Receipt, Checking and Regeneration [Pharmaceutical]
HPLC System Using Chemistation Software from Agilent [Pharmaceutical]
Hand Wash Procedure [Pharmaceutical]
Handling and Usage of Hazardous Chemicals [Pharmaceutical]
Handling and Control for Prohibited Items [Pharmaceutical]
Handling and Storage of Raw and Packing Material [Pharmaceutical]
Handling and Testing of InProcess Sample [Pharmaceutical]
Handling and Testing of Various Samples [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Biological Indicators [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Glassware [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Glassware in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Lysate for Endotoxin Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Market Complaints [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Market Complaints in Pharmaceuticals [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Out of Limit Results in Environmental Marketing and Water Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Out of Specification Results in Microbiological [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Reference and Working Standards [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Rejected Packing Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Rejected Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Sieves and Screen [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Spillage of Solid / Liquid Media Containing Growth [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of Tablet Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Handling of the Spillages in the Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Heat Distribution Study in Chamber of Dry Heat Sterilizer Using Different Probe with Data Logger [Pharmaceutical]
Heat Distribution Study in Depyrogemation Oven using Different Probes with Data Logger [Pharmaceutical]
Heat Distribution Study in Oven using Multi Probe Data Logger [Pharmaceutical]
Heating Block Validation [Pharmaceutical]
Horizontal Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Hot Air Oven [Pharmaceutical]
House Keeping of Stores [Pharmaceutical]
Identification of Contaminant in Sterile Area [Pharmaceutical]
Identification of Microorganisms after Subculturing [Pharmaceutical]
Identification of Microbial Cultures using Biomeriux Identification System [Pharmaceutical]
Identification of Organisms [Pharmaceutical]
Inspection and Numbering of Sieves/Screens [Pharmaceutical]
Inspection of Media Fill Vials and Qualification of Inspectors [Pharmaceutical]
Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Lifts and Chain Pulley Blocks [Pharmaceutical]
Inspection/Cleaning of Filters of AHU System [Pharmaceutical]
Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification of Equipment / Instruments [Pharmaceutical]
Instrument for Macroscopical Examination [Pharmaceutical]
Intimation of Breakdown of Utilities Services & Equipments in Manufacturing & Packing Department During Working [Pharmaceutical]
Inventory and Issuance of Media [Pharmaceutical]
Investigation for Out of Action Level Results of Monitoring of Microbiological Environment [Pharmaceutical]
Investigation of Sterility Test Failure [Pharmaceutical]
Issuance of Additional Packaging Materials [Pharmaceutical]
LAF Unit in Sampling Room [Pharmaceutical]
Laboratory Cleaning [Pharmaceutical]
Laboratory Safety [Pharmaceutical]
Lal Test by Gel Clot Method [Pharmaceutical]
Laminar Air Flow Unit [Pharmaceutical]
Laminar Air Flow Workbench [Pharmaceutical]
Leak Seal Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Leak Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Leak Test of Strip, Blister and Alu – Alu Blister Sealing [Pharmaceutical]
Leak Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Linearity Check of High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) [Pharmaceutical]
Logic for Giving Number to the Method for Analysis of Finished product and Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Logic for Giving Number to the Method for Analysis of Packaging Material [Pharmaceutical]
Lyophilized Vials of Microorganisms [Pharmaceutical]
METONE Laser Particle Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate [Pharmaceutical]
Maintaining Machine Usage Log [Pharmaceutical]
Maintaining the Manufacturing Facility [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance and Calibration of Heating Block [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance and Cleaning Procedure for Sampling Equipment [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance and Cleaning of Cooling Towers [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance and Transfer of Stock Cultures [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance of Desiccator [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance of Desiccator in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Maintenance of Environmental Control [Pharmaceutical]
Making Production Related Entries in SAP System [Pharmaceutical]
Manual Glassware Cleaning [Pharmaceutical]
Manufacturing of Tablets and Capsules [Pharmaceutical]
Material and Product Labeling in Production Area [Pharmaceutical]
Measurement of Air Velocity and Calculation of Air Changes per Hour [Pharmaceutical]
Measurement of Air Velocity and Calculation of Air Changes per Hour for Classified Areas [Pharmaceutical]
Measurement of Particle Size of Raw Materials Using Microscopic Method [Pharmaceutical]
Media Preparation [Pharmaceutical]
Media Preparation and Growth Promotion Test [Pharmaceutical]
Media Preparation for Microbial Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Media Stock Maintenance and Suitability Testing of Media [Pharmaceutical]
Melting Point Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Method for Programme File Checks of Software of Instruments [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Analysis of Swab Samples from Equipment Surface in Production Area [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Assay [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Limit Test of Raw Material and Finished Product [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Monitoring of Drainage in Solid Dosage Manufacturing Area [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Staining Procedures [Pharmaceutical]
Microbial Testing of Drain Water [Pharmaceutical]
Microbiological Integrity Testing of Vials [Pharmaceutical]
Microbiological Monitoring of Clean Equipment by Swab method [Pharmaceutical]
Micrometer [Pharmaceutical]
Microscope [Pharmaceutical]
Milli-Q Water System from Millipore [Pharmaceutical]
Milliflex Water Filtration Unit [Pharmaceutical]
Monitoring Power Consumption [Pharmaceutical]
Monitoring UV Light Efficiency in LAF and Pass Box [Pharmaceutical]
Monitoring of Compressed Air / Gases [Pharmaceutical]
Monitoring of Microbiology Laboratory [Pharmaceutical]
Monitoring of Raw Water and Potable Water Quality [Pharmaceutical]
Muffel Furnace [Pharmaceutical]
Multimill [Pharmaceutical]
Numbering System of Media [Pharmaceutical]
Octagonal Blender (1000 Litre) [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Colony Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Culture Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Data Logger [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Double Door Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Fogster – ULV Fogger Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Laminar Air Flow [Pharmaceutical]
Operating Procedure of Water bath [Pharmaceutical]
Operating and Cleaning of Distilled Water Unit [Pharmaceutical]
Operating of Potentiometer [Pharmaceutical]
Operation after M.S.E.B Power Failure [Pharmaceutical]
Operation after M.S.E.B Power Resumption [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Bulk density Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Conductivity Meter [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Conductivity Meter in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Friability Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Mettler Toledo Analytical Balance [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Micropipette [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of Tablet Disintegration Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Calibration of pH Meter [Pharmaceutical] 
Operation and Cleaning of Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Air Sampler SAS 180 L [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Deep Freezer [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Garment Cubicle [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Microscope [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Pass Box [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Refrigerator [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Steam Sterilizer [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Triobloc [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Cleaning of Vertical Portable Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Maintenance of Liquid Particle Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Maintenance of Low tension (L.T.) Panels [Pharmaceutical]
Operation and Maintenance of Water Purification System [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Air Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Automatic Cartoning Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Axial Flow Fan Units (Supply and Return) [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Deduster Cum Metal Detector [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Drum Mixer [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of EPD Collator Coupled with Strip Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Forced Draft Ventilation (FDV) and Forced Exhaust (FE) Unit [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of High Tension (H.T.) Panel [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Hot Water System [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Karl Fischer Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Mini Roll Compactor [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Sampling Booth [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Semi Auto Induction Capsule Sealing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of the Lux Meter and Monitoring the Lux Level [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of 'Bliss' the Online Inspection System [Pharmaceutical]
Operation, Cleaning and Monitoring of Bio-Safety Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Operation, Cleaning and Monitoring of Laminar Air Flow [Pharmaceutical]
Operational Check of Friability Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operational Check of Disintegration Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Operational Qualification of Dissolution Tester [Pharmaceutical]
Ordering, Receiving, Storage, Issue & Destruction of Dies, Punches [Pharmaceutical]
Out of Acceptance Limit for Critical Parameters in Purified Water System [Pharmaceutical]
Out of Specification (OOS) [Pharmaceutical]
Oven for Depyrogenetion [Pharmaceutical]
Oven for Incubation at 55⁰ C [Pharmaceutical]
Oven of Loss on Drying [Pharmaceutical]
Overprinting of Batch Details on Cartons and Catch Covers [Pharmaceutical]
Packing of Tablets/Capsules in Primary Packing and Secondary Packing [Pharmaceutical]
Palm Swabbing in Manufacturing Area [Pharmaceutical]
Particle Counter [Pharmaceutical]
Passivation of Purified Water Storage Tank and Distribution Piping [Pharmaceutical]
Paste Kettle [Pharmaceutical]
Paste Preparation Vessel [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of Autodiluter [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of Automatic Distillation Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of Fourier Transform Infrared [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of Karl Fischer [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of Low Temperature Water Bath [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of UV – Visible Spectrophotometer (Jasco) [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Check of UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer [Pharmaceutical]
Performance Checks of Karl Fischer Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Performing Area Qualification of the Facility [Pharmaceutical]
Personnel Monitoring for Microbial Contamination in Aseptic Area [Pharmaceutical]
Personnel Qualification of Aseptic Area and Sterility Testing Area [Pharmaceutical]
Physical Monitoring of Microbiology Section [Pharmaceutical]
Planning for Analysis and Reporting of Results [Pharmaceutical]
Plate Exposure [Pharmaceutical]
Post Sterility Growth Promotion Test [Pharmaceutical]
Pre Filter Cleaning of RLAF [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation and Bioburden Monitoring of IPA 70% v/v [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation and Handling of Primary Standard [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation and Handling of Working Standards [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation and Standardization of Volumetric Solution [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Bench Reagents [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Culture Dilutions for Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Culture Inoculum [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Culture of Microorganism [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Dresses for Sterilisation [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Media containing Sterile Petridishes, Agar Slants and Agar Butts [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Microbial Culture Media [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Reagent Solution [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Rejection Note [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite Solution (SMBS), Brine Solution and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution for Purified Water [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Stock Solution for Limit Test [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Trends [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Volumetric Solutions [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation of Working Standards [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation, Approval, Issue, Control, Uncontrol and Revision of Quality Manual [Pharmaceutical]
Preparation, Review and Approval of Standard Operating Procedures [Pharmaceutical]
Preservation of Control Samples of Active Ingredients [Pharmaceutical]
Prevention of Accidents and Fire Caused by Improper Handling of Welding and Gas Cutting Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Preventive Maintenance of Equipments and Systems [Pharmaceutical]
Preventive Maintenance of Instrument [Pharmaceutical]
Procedure for Bioburden, BET and LPC of Primary Packaging Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Procurement and Handling of Reference Standard [Pharmaceutical]
Procurement, Maintenance and Sub-culturing of Standard Microbial Cultures [Pharmaceutical]
Proper Disposal of Contaminated Material Containing Microbial Growth [Pharmaceutical]
Proper Disposal of Expired Finished Goods [Pharmaceutical]
Qualification of Biological Indicator [Pharmaceutical]
Qualification of Facility / Equipments / Systems [Pharmaceutical]
Quantification of Microbial Culture [Pharmaceutical]
RLAF Unit in Sampling Room [Pharmaceutical]
Raising Work Permit [Pharmaceutical]
Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG) [Pharmaceutical]
Raw Material Release [Pharmaceutical]
Re-analysis of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Receipt and Maintenance of Working Standards of API [Pharmaceutical]
Receipt of Raw and Packing Material [Pharmaceutical]
Receipt, Issuance, Storage and Handling of Solvents [Pharmaceutical]
Receipt, Numbering, Usage and Destruction of FBD Filter Bag [Pharmaceutical]
Receiving the Samples in Microbiology lab [Pharmaceutical]
Recleaning [Pharmaceutical]
Reconciliation of Raw Materials and Packing Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Recording of Differential Pressure in Production Area [Pharmaceutical]
Recording of Temperature and Humidity in Raw Material Store [Pharmaceutical]
Recording of Temperature and Humidity in Stores Department [Pharmaceutical]
Recording of Temperature in Production Department [Pharmaceutical]
Recording of Analytical Data [Pharmaceutical]
Refractometer [Pharmaceutical]
Release of Finished Product [Pharmaceutical]
Retesting Schedule of Packaging Material [Pharmaceutical]
Retesting Schedule of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Retesting Schedule of Raw Material (For API) [Pharmaceutical]
Retesting of Raw Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Return of Raw and Packaging Materials from Production Department [Pharmaceutical]
Rounding off the Analytical Test Results [Pharmaceutical]
Routine Cleaning Verification by TOC-SSM Method [Pharmaceutical]
Safe Unloading of Chemicals, Furnace Oil and High-speed Diesel from Vehicle [Pharmaceutical]
Safe and Effective Operations of the Air Compressors [Pharmaceutical]
Safely and Effectively Clean and Disinfect the Drains [Pharmaceutical]
Safety in Quality Controls [Pharmaceutical]
Safety in Quality Control in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Saizoner Mixer Granulator [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling and Release of Inprocess Samples [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling and Release of Raw Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling and Testing Schedule of Purified Water [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling and Testing Schedule of Water for Injection and Clean Steam [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling and Testing of Pure Steam [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of Finished Product [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of Packing Material [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of Raw Material in Pharma [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of Raw Water and Purified Water [Pharmaceutical]
Sampling of the Packaging Material [Pharmaceutical]
Sanitization of FFS Area [Pharmaceutical]
Sanitization of Purified Water Generation System Using Hot Water [Pharmaceutical]
Selection Criteria and its Procedure before Dissolution Profile Study [Pharmaceutical]
Sieve Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Sieve Shaker [Pharmaceutical]
Slit to Agar Air Sampler [Pharmaceutical]
Sonicator [Pharmaceutical]
Specifying the Responsibilities of Production Department [Pharmaceutical]
Stability Studies of Finished Goods [Pharmaceutical]
Stacking of Packed Shippers on Pallet [Pharmaceutical]
Standard, General Reagents and Indicator Solutions [Pharmaceutical]
Start up after Shut Down in Microbiology [Pharmaceutical]
Starting and Stopping of Boilers [Pharmaceutical]
Statistical Study for Trend Analysis of Purified Water and Water for Injection [Pharmaceutical]
Steam Penetration Study by Bowie-Dick Test [Pharmaceutical]
Stenciling of Shippers Used for Packing [Pharmaceutical]
Stereo Ordering, Issue, Receipt & Destruction of Rubber Stereos [Pharmaceutical]
Sterile Dress Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Sterility Testing [Pharmaceutical]
Sterility Testing Using Manifold Filtration Method [Pharmaceutical]
Sterility Testing by Membrane Filtration Method [Pharmaceutical] 
Sterility Testing of Compressed Air, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide [Pharmaceutical]
Sterility Using Streitest Equinox [Pharmaceutical]
Sterilization Reel Sealer [Pharmaceutical]
Sterilization by Autoclave for Microbiological Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
Sterilization of Accessories by Dry Heat Sterilization (DHS) [Pharmaceutical]
Stirrer [Pharmaceutical]
Storage and Preparation of Microbiological Culture Media [Pharmaceutical]
Storage and Transfer of Dispensed Raw Material in Day Store [Pharmaceutical]
Storage and Use of Reagents and Chemicals [Pharmaceutical]
Storage of Sampling Tools [Pharmaceutical]
Storage of Temperature Sensitive Raw Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Strip Packing Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Sub-culturing and Maintenance of Microbial Cultures [Pharmaceutical]
Swab Sampling for Validation of Test Surface to Evaluate Cleaning Efficiency [Pharmaceutical]
Tablet Branding Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Tablet Granulation, Compression and Coating [Pharmaceutical]
Tablet Inspection [Pharmaceutical]
Tablet Inspection Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Tap Density Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Temperature Mapping [Pharmaceutical]
Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure Monitoring [Pharmaceutical]
Testing and Release / Rejection of Raw Material [Pharmaceutical]
Testing and Release / Rejection of Packaging Materials [Pharmaceutical]
Testing for Bioburden of Fractional Solutions [Pharmaceutical]
Testing of Biological Indicators [Pharmaceutical]
Testing of Compressed Air and Nitrogen Gas for Viable Count [Pharmaceutical]
Testing of Earth Pits [Pharmaceutical]
Testing of Miscellaneous Samples [Pharmaceutical]
Testing, Release or Rejection of Finished Product [Pharmaceutical]
Tippler [Pharmaceutical]
Top Pan Balance [Pharmaceutical]
Training Procedure for Quality Control [Pharmaceutical]
Transfer of Lubricated Granules from Bunker to Compression Machine [Pharmaceutical]
Trend Analysis [Pharmaceutical]
UV Cabinet [Pharmaceutical]
Ultrasonic Cleaner [Pharmaceutical]
Unloading, Storage, Handling and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders [Pharmaceutical]
Use of Log Card for Equipment Status [Pharmaceutical]
Vacuum Cleaner [Pharmaceutical]
Vacuum Pump [Pharmaceutical]
Vacuum Test Apparatus [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Autoclave with Biological Indicator for Sterilization Efficiency [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Autoclave with Biological Indicators [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Clean Area and Equipment Lying in Clean Area [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of DHS with Biological Indicator [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Microbiologist [Pharmaceutical]
Validation of Oven for Depyrogenation [Pharmaceutical]
Vehicle Inspection [Pharmaceutical]
Verification of System Suitability Test [Pharmaceutical]
Verification of System Suitability Test Measured by Chromcard Software for GC [Pharmaceutical]
Verticle Autoclave [Pharmaceutical]
Vessels Operated Greater than Atmospheric Pressure [Pharmaceutical]
Vibro Sifter [Pharmaceutical]
Visit the Microbiology Section [Pharmaceutical]
Volume Delivering Systems (Peristaltic Pump) [Pharmaceutical]
Vortex Mixer [Pharmaceutical]
Washing of HPLC Column After Use [Pharmaceutical]
Washing of HPLC Columns [Pharmaceutical]
Water Bath [Pharmaceutical]
Water Sampling [Pharmaceutical]
Writing Method of Analysis for Packaging Material [Pharmaceutical]
Cleaning and Operation of Incubator [Pharmaceutical]
pH Meter [Pharmaceutical]
Operation of Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machine (VP-120) [Pharmaceutical]
Preventive Maintenance of all Quality Control Instruments [Pharmaceutical]
SOP in Pharmaceuticals [Pharmaceutical]
Standard Operating Procedures [Pharmaceutical]

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