Prototyping is a favorite technique of inventors and it is as old as the early human inventions. Prototyping is very popular among mechanical and civil engineers.
Many product development companies in the Information Technology industry adopted the prototyping technique and achieved great success in developing sound and superior products. But even today, these successful companies are just outliers. A majority of the companies have not yet reaped the benefits of prototyping. The reasons are two fold. One there is not much awareness about prototyping. Second, prototyping is seen as an added cost to the project. Of course prototyping doesn't come free-of-cost. I would call this cost as a preventive cost rather than an additional cost. The cost of not doing prototype far outweighs the cost of doing prototype. Also there is a great confusion out there about what constitutes prototyping. During this one-day program the participants will learn the cost effective way of doing prototyping.

Program Date: To Be Decided

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