Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited strives to provide exceptional customer service and committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients. To promote this vision, we at Fhyzics launched a loyalty program titled DevPoints, meaning Development Points. We strongly believe that these DevPoints will be of immense help to hone your knowledge and skills and to make a successful career.

How it Works?
As soon as you enrol in one of our paid programs you will receive a DevPoint Account Number.
All of your earned points will be maintained at Fhyzics office.
Whenever there is a change in the status of the DevPoints you will receive an SMS/Email alert.
You can check your DevPoints either by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to our Loyalty Program Manager at +91- 805-622-2483.

How to Earn DevPoints?
By enrolling in any of our paid programs. For paid programs each Rs. 100 will earn 1 DevPoint. In case the fee paid in other currencies will be based on the RBI rate at that date.
By referring your friends for the various certifications of Fhyzics. For each referred friend, you will earn the same number of DevPoints as he/she earns after enrolling in one of Fhyzics program.
By fixing up a meeting with HR and other senior officials of your current or past organization. For any consummated meetings with HR (250 DevPoints) and VP-Level (500 Points) officers you will earn the respective points.

What is the value of DevPoints?
Multiply your point by 10 and that is its monetary value.

How to Use your DevPoints?
There are three ways to use your DevPoints.
1. You can use DevPoints to enrol for any of our Executive Development Programs. Click here for the list of EDPs.
2. You can use DevPoints to enrol for any of our Online Short Courses. Click here for the list of Online Short Courses.
3. You can gift your DevPoints to your friends and family.
4. DevPoints cannot be redeemed against any of the certification programs of APICS, IREB and PDMA.
5. There will not be any cash disbursement in lieu of DevPoints.
6. DevPoints does not expire.

What to do my DevPoints are not sufficient to pursue a program?
You can use the combination of DevPoints and Payment. After deducting the DevPoints equivalent money in the program fee, you can pay the balance and pursue the program.

Fhyzics reserves its right to change/alter/modify/withdraw any aspect of the terms and conditions of DevPoints or the entire program.



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