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IT SOPs - Accounts
SOP-AC-01-001 : Role of Accounts [Accounts]
SOP-AC-02-002 : Accounts Organizational Structure [Accounts]
SOP-AC-03-003 : Accounting Metrics [Accounts]
SOP-AC-04-004 : Salary Processing [Accounts]
SOP-AC-05-005 : Various Governing Acts [Accounts]
SOP-AC-06-006 : Provident Fund [Accounts]
SOP-AC-07-007 : Employee State Insurance [Accounts]
SOP-AC-08-008 : Insurance Requirements [Accounts]
SOP-AC-09-009 : Intellectual Property Rights [Accounts]
SOP-AC-10-010 : Asset Management [Accounts]
SOP-AC-11-011 : Cost Reduction Initiatives [Accounts]
SOP-AC-12-012 : Service Tax Procedures [Accounts]
SOP-AC-13-013 : TDS procedure [Accounts]
SOP-AC-14-014 : Professional Tax [Accounts]
SOP-AC-15-015 : Value Added Tax [Accounts]
SOP-AC-16-016 : Luxury Tax [Accounts]

IT SOPs - Backups and Disaster Recovery
SOP- BD-01-001 : Documenting Backups [Backups and Disaster Recovery]
SOP- BD-02-002 : Defining your client Backup [Backups and Disaster Recovery]
SOP- BD-03-003 : Backup Philosophies and Client Communication [Backups and Disaster Recovery]
SOP- BD-04-004 : Backup Monitoring, Testing, and Management [Backups and Disaster Recovery]
SOP- BD-05-005 : Changing Technologies [Backups and Disaster Recovery]
SOP- BD-06-006 : Disaster Recovery - Simple Restores [Backups and Disaster Recovery]

IT SOPs - Client Management
SOP-CM-01-001 : Checklist for setting up and updating a new service client [Client Management]
SOP-CM-02-002 : Activating and Registering [Client Management]
SOP-CM-03-003 : Activating and Registering Client Software and Hardware [Client Management]
SOP-CM-04-004 : Local Docs versus Server / My Docs [Client Management]
SOP-CM-05-005 : Moving a Client Office [Client Management]

IT SOPs - Finance Department
SOP-FN-01-001 : Billing Procedures Policies [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-02-002 : Collection Policies [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-03-003 : Invoice Review & Processing [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-04-004 : Cash Flow : Late Payment Policy [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-05-005 : Invoice Review & Processing [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-06-006 : Running Regular Financial Reports [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-07-007 : Vendor Management & Co-ordination [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-08-008 : Vendor / Distributor Record Keeping [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-09-009 : Inventory Management [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-10-010 : Annual Budgeting [Finance Department]
SOP-FN-11-011 : Tracking Credit Card Auto-Payments [Finance Department]

IT SOPs - Human Resources
SOP-HR-01-001 : Hiring Process [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-02-002 : Outsourcing Process [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-03-003 : Employee On-board Orientation [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-04-004 : Roles of responsibilities of Front Office Executive [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-05-005 : Roles of responsibilities of Service Manager [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-06-006 : Roles of responsibilities of Technician [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-07-007 : Honesty, Integrity and Teamwork Anthem [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-08-008 : Annual Performance Review [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-09-009 : Procedure for Lay-offs and Downsizing [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-10-010 : Time Sheet Submission and Approval Process [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-11-011 : Employee Benefits [Human Resources]
SOP-HR-12-012 : Travel Policies [Human Resources]

IT SOPs - IT Department
SOP-IT-01-001 : Professional Daily Time Management Reporting [IT Department]
SOP-IT-02-002 : Time Tracking for Employees [IT Department]
SOP-IT-03-003 : On call requirements for a day [IT Department]
SOP-IT-04-004 : Maximizing bill ability of IT resources [IT Department]
SOP-IT-05-005 : E-mail rules and etiquette [IT Department]

IT SOPs - Maintenance
SOP-MN-01-001 : Scheduling Monthly Maintenance and On Site Visits [Maintenance]
SOP-MN-02-002 : Checklist for Major Scheduled Maintenance [Maintenance]
SOP-MN-03-003 : The Monthly Maintenance Checklist [Maintenance]
SOP-MN-04-004 : Monthly Single Checklist [Maintenance]
SOP-MN-05-005 : Outsourcing (some) of Your Monthly Maintenance [Maintenance]

IT SOPs - Sales, Marketing
SOP-SM-01-001 : Introducing your company to client [Sales, Marketing]
SOP-SM-02-002 : Quarterly Roadmap meetings [Sales, Marketing]
SOP-SM-03-003 : Handling Sales tickets and Sales Queues [Sales, Marketing]
SOP-SM-04-004 : Trip Charges [Sales, Marketing]
SOP-SM-05-005 : Sales scripts [Sales, Marketing]
SOP-SM-06-006 : Removing Clients from support services [Sales, Marketing]

IT SOPs - Service Delivery Policies
SOP-SD-01-001 : The First Client Visit [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-02-002 : Guide to a Service Call [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-03-003 : Response Times - Guarantees and Delivery [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-04-004 : Ticket Statuses to Use and When to Use Them [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-05-005 : Setting Job Priorities [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-06-006 : Service Ticket updates (time estimate, work type, etc.) [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-07-007 : Time Entry and Note Entry in Service Tickets [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-08-008 : Information Sharing [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-09-009 : Service Board Backlog Management [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-10-010 : Daily Monitoring of Client Machines [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-11-011 : Patch Management Philosophy and Procedures [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-12-012 : Setting Up Alerts in Your PSA and RMM [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-13-013 : New PC Checklists [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-14-014 : Server Down Procedures [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-15-015 : Third Party Tech Support - Documenting Calls [Service Delivery Policies]
SOP-SD-16-016 : Third Party Tech Support - Rules of Engagement [Service Delivery Policies]

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