Healthcare Standard Operating Procedures

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Healthcare SOPs - Accounts
SOP-AC-001 : General Billing Guidelines
SOP-AC-002 : Computing Gratuity 
SOP-AC-003 : Billing for patients 
SOP-AC-004 : Cash Management 
SOP-AC-005 : Concession policy for the underprivileged 
SOP-AC-006 : Roles and Responsibilities of Cashier 
SOP-AC-007 : Roles and Responsibilities of Accounts Officer 
SOP-AC-008 : Cash Voucher formats 
SOP-AC-009 : Receipt Book 
SOP-AC-010 : Clearance Form 
SOP-AC-011 : Full and Final Settlement 
SOP-AC-012 : I Owe You 
SOP-AC-013 : Indent for Cash 
SOP-AC-014 : Local Conveyance Bill 
SOP-AC-015 : Over Time Sheet 
SOP-AC-016 : TA Bills format 
SOP-AC-017 : Salary Slip formats 
SOP-AC-018 : Sundry Debtors Report 
SOP-AC-019 : Daily Wages Payment Format 
SOP-AC-020 : Indoor Bill 
SOP-AC-021 : Subsidy Application 
SOP-AC-022 : P & L Statement 
SOP-AC-023 : Bank Accounts Book 
SOP-AC-024 : Cheque Records Register 
SOP-AC-025 : Doctor's Professional Income Calculation Sheet 

Healthcare SOPs - Administrative Services
SOP-AD-001 : Grooming Standards
SOP-AD-002 : Procedure to release Medical Information 
SOP-AD-003 : Hospital Indemnity Policy 
SOP-AD-004 : Records of Doctors with Departments 
SOP-AD-005 : Records of Technicians with Departments 
SOP-AD-006 : Records of Facilities 
SOP-AD-007 : Brochure Information related to hospital 
SOP-AD-008 : Roles and Responsibilities of officers 
SOP-AD-009 : Roles and Responsibilities of Medical Superintendent / Medical Director 
SOP-AD-010 : Roles and Responsibilities of Hospital Administrator 
SOP-AD-011: Roles and Responsibilities of Head Clerks 
SOP-AD-012: Marketing Circular formats 
SOP-AD-013: Templates for Experience Certificate for Staffs 
SOP-AD-014: Templates for Certificate required by patients for Medi-Claim 
SOP-AD-015: List of Specialty Departments available in hospital 
SOP-AD-016: Press Release Notes 

Healthcare SOPs - Ambulance Services
SOP-AS-001 : Services offered by Ambulance
SOP-AS-002 : Ambulance Informing Procedures 
SOP-AS-003 : Roles and Responsibilities of Driver 
SOP-AS-004 : Roles and Responsibilities of Ambulance Paramedic 
SOP-AS-005 : Roles and Responsibilities of Transport Section 
SOP-AS-006 : Ambulance Inventory – Basic Medical Items 
SOP-AS-007 : Ambulance Inventory – Special Stretcher Trolley 
SOP-AS-008 : Ambulance Log Book Format 

Healthcare SOPs - Anesthesia Services
SOP-AN-001 : Services offered by department of Anesthesiology
SOP-AN-002 : Procedures performed by Anesthetist 
SOP-AN-003 : Anesthesia Record 
SOP-AN-004 : PAC and Operation Notes 
SOP-AN-005 : Consent Form for Operative / Special Procedure 

Healthcare SOPs - Blood Bank Services
SOP-BB-001 : Facilities and Functions of Blood Bank
SOP-BB-002 : Services offered by Blood bank 
SOP-BB-003 : Procedures to be followed in Blood bank 
SOP-BB-004 : Donor Card 
SOP-BB-005 : Donor Register 
SOP-BB-006 : Record Register- Blood Component 
SOP-BB-007 : Record Register- Outside Blood 
SOP-BB-008 : Laboratory tests on Donor's Blood 
SOP-BB-009 : Blood Requisition Form 
SOP-BB-010 : Laboratory Tests on Recipient Blood 
SOP-BB-011 : Compatibility Record 
SOP-BB-012 : Issue Register 
SOP-BB-013 : Adverse Reaction Report Register 
SOP-BB-014 : Quality Assurance Records 
SOP-BB-015 : Daily Assessment Register 
SOP-BB-016 : Blood Bank Register 
SOP-BB-017 : Blood Cross- matching Report 
SOP-BB-018 : Blood Requisition Form 
SOP-BB-019 : Blood Return Form 
SOP-BB-020 : Blood Component Register 
SOP-BB-021 : Records of Blood and Components received from Outside Source 
SOP-BB-022 : Record of Recipient 
SOP-BB-023 : Issue Register 
SOP-BB-024 : Report on adverse reactions and record of their investigation 
SOP-BB-025 : Quality Assurance Records 
SOP-BB-026 : Compliance – Local Govt. grant of licence application 
SOP-BB-027 : Compliance – Renewal of license to operate a blood bank for preparation for sale or distribution of its components 
SOP-BB-028 : Compliance – Certificate of renewal of license for manufacture of blood products 
SOP-BB-029 : Certificate of approval to storage center for storage of whole human blood or its components 

Healthcare SOPs - Central Sterile and Supply Department Services
SOP-CD-001 : Services and Functions of CSSD
SOP-CD-002 : CSSD Procedure 
SOP-CD-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Technician 
SOP-CD-004 : Roles and responsibilities of CSSD Technician 
SOP-CD-005 : Register for material received and delivered 
SOP-CD-006 : Stock register of equipments and furnishings 
SOP-CD-007 : Stock register of consumables 
SOP-CD-008 : Log Book / Card of each machine 
SOP-CD-009 : Record register for each cycle of autoclaving 
SOP-CD-010 : Working Register 

Healthcare SOPs - Dietetic Services
SOP-DS-001 : Functions of Dietetic Services
SOP-DS-002 : General Procedures & Policies 
SOP-DS-003 : Procedure for Canteen Operations 
SOP-DS-004 : Diet Chart: Anti-Obesity Diet Chart 
SOP-DS-005 : Calories Chart 
SOP-DS-006 : Diabetic Diet Chart 
SOP-DS-007 : Hepatic Diet Chart 
SOP-DS-008 : Lactose Free Diet Chart 
SOP-DS-009 : Low Cholesterol, Low Fat, High Fiber Diet Chart 
SOP-DS-010 : Low Protein 
SOP-DS-011 : General Diet Recommendations for Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients 
SOP-DS-012 : Roles and Responsibilities of Dietitian 
SOP-DS-013 : Patient's Inquiry Proforma 
SOP-DS-014 : Diet Requisition Form 
SOP-DS-015 : Format for Agreement, if Outsourced 

Healthcare SOPs - Emergency / Casualty
SOP-EC-001 : Grooming Standards of Emergency Staff
SOP-EC-002 : Emergency Handling Procedure 
SOP-EC-003 : Handling a dead body 
SOP-EC-004: Miscellaneous activity handling 
SOP-EC-005 : Handling blood and body secretions of patients Spills 
SOP-EC-006 : Checklist of minimum basic medicines required in Emergency Department 
SOP-EC-007 : Instrument sets requirement in Emergency Department 
SOP-EC-008 : Roles and Responsibilities of Nursing Staff 
SOP-EC-009 : Roles and Responsibilities of Medical Officer, Emergency 
SOP-EC-010 : Emergency Record Register 
SOP-EC-011 : Police Information Book 
SOP-EC-012 : Injury Register 
SOP-EC-013 : Death Certificate Book 
SOP-EC-014 : Medical Certificate Book br />SOP-EC-015 : Pt. Treatment File 
SOP-EC-016 : Patient Reference Forms 
SOP-EC-017 : Investigation Requisition Form 

Healthcare SOPs - Finance Department
SOP-FN-001 : Billing Procedures Policies <
SOP-FN-002 : Collection Policies
SOP-FN-003 : Invoice Review & Processing 
SOP-FN-004 : Cash Flow : Late Payment Policy 
SOP-FN-005 : Invoice Review & Processing 
SOP-FN-006 : Running Regular Financial Reports 
SOP-FN-007 : Vendor Management & Co-ordination 
SOP-FN-008 : Vendor / Distributor Record Keeping 
SOP-FN-009 : Inventory Management 
SOP-FN-010 : Annual Budgeting 
SOP-FN-011 : Tracking Credit Card Auto-Payments 

Healthcare SOPs - Generator Services
SOP-GS-001 : Services and Functions of Generator upkeep group
SOP-GS-002 : Generator Services Operating Procedure
SOP-GS-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Electrician
SOP-GS-004 : Generator Log Book
SOP-GS-005 : Diesel /Oil Stock Register

Healthcare SOPs - Hospital Issuing Certificates
SOP-HC-001 : Procedure to issue Medical Certificate for Leave and Fitness
SOP-HC-002 : Procedure to issue Medical Insurance for Patients
SOP-HC-003 : Procedure for issue of experience certificate
SOP-HC-004 : Procedure for issue of Death Certificates
SOP-HC-005 : Procedure for issue of Birth Certificate

Healthcare SOPs - House Keeping Services
SOP-HK-001 : Functions of Housekeeping Department
SOP-HK-002 : Procedures involved in Housekeeping
SOP-HK-003 : Roles and Responsibilities of Sanitary Technician
SOP-HK-004 : Roles and Responsibilities of Housekeeper
SOP-HK-005 : Roles and Responsibilities of Sweeper
SOP-HK-006 : Agreement – Format for Outsourced Housekeeping Services
SOP-HK-007 : Roster Format for Housekeeping Staff

Healthcare SOPs - HR
SOP-HR-001 : Functions and Services offered by HR Department
SOP-HR-002 : Policies and Procedures to be adopted by HR Department
SOP-HR-003 : Employee hiring process
SOP-HR-004 : New Employee Orientation
SOP-HR-005 : Employee Personal File
SOP-HR-006 : Employee Suggestion Scheme
SOP-HR-007 : Salary Processing and Disbursement
SOP-HR-008 : Provident Fund
SOP-HR-009 : ESI
SOP-HR-010 : Employee Benefits
SOP-HR-011 : Attendance Tracking
SOP-HR-012 : Leave Management
SOP-HR-013 : Organisation Code of Conduct
SOP-HR-014 : Performance Appraisal, Increment & Promotion
SOP-HR-015 : Grooming Standards
SOP-HR-016 : Healthy & Safety
SOP-HR-017 : List of employees
SOP-HR-018 : Procedure for lay-offs
SOP-HR-019 : Interaction with patients, doctors and management
SOP-HR-020 : List of employees
SOP-HR-021 : Asset Register
SOP-HR-022: Disciplinary Proceedings
SOP-HR-023 : IT, E-mail & Social Media Policy
SOP-HR-024 : Transfer Policy
SOP-HR-025 : Grooming Standards

Healthcare SOPs - Human Resources Department
SOP-HR-001 : Hiring Process
SOP-HR-002 : Outsourcing Process 
SOP-HR-003 : Employee On-board Orientation 
SOP-HR-004 : Roles of responsibilities of Front Office Executive 
SOP-HR-005 : Roles of responsibilities of Service Manager 
SOP-HR-006 : Roles of responsibilities of Technician 
SOP-HR-007 : Honesty, Integrity and Teamwork Anthem 
SOP-HR-008 : Annual Performance Review 
SOP-HR-009 : Procedure for Lay-offs and Downsizing 
SOP-HR-010 : Time Sheet Submission and Approval Process 
SOP-HR-011 : Employee Benefits 
SOP-HR-012: Travel Policies 

Healthcare SOPs - Imaging Department
SOP-ID-001 : Functions and Services of Imaging Department
SOP-ID-002 : Procedures to be adopted by Imaging Department 
SOP-ID-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Radiographer 
SOP-ID-004 : Stock Register 
SOP-ID-005 : Equipment Log Book 
SOP-ID-006 : X-Ray Envelope 
SOP-ID-007 : X-Ray Requisition Slip 
SOP-ID-008 : X-Ray Record Register 
SOP-ID-009 : CT Record Register <

Healthcare SOPs - Immunisation Services
SOP-IM-001 : Functions and Services>
SOP-IM-002 : Policies <
SOP-IM-003 : Immunisation Schedules 
SOP-IM-004 : Procedures to be adopted by Immunisation Department 
SOP-IM-005 : Immunisation Record Register 
SOP-IM-006 : Immunisation Card / Booklet 
SOP-IM-007 : Birth Record 

Healthcare SOPs - In-Patient Department (IPD) Services
SOP-IP-001 : Grooming Standards
SOP-IP-002 : General Procedures 
SOP-IP-003 : Admission Procedure 
SOP-IP-004 : Discharge Procedure 
SOP-IP-005 : Ward Transfer Procedure 
SOP-IP-006 : List of Important Instrument Sets 
SOP-IP-007 : Infectious and Isolation Policies 
SOP-IP-008 : Infection Control Policies 
SOP-IP-009 : Roles and responsibilities of Nursing Staff 
SOP-IP-010 : Roles and Responsibilities of Resident Medical Officer 
SOP-IP-011 : Duties and responsibilities of Ward Assistants 
SOP-IP-012 : Maintaining Patient File with Case papers 
SOP-IP-013 : Nurses Report Book 
SOP-IP-014 : Ward Inventory Book / Sheet 
SOP-IP-015 : Emergency Medicines Stock Register 
SOP-IP-016 : Patient Case Sheet Papers 
SOP-IP-017 : Patient File Folder 
SOP-IP-018 : Face Sheet / Admission Discharge Summary 
SOP-IP-019 : Patient Consent Form 
SOP-IP-020 : Patient Treatment Sheet 
SOP-IP-021 : Doctor's Oder Sheet 
SOP-IP-022 : Patient Temperature Chart Maintenance 
SOP-IP-023 : Input – Output Chart 
SOP-IP-024 : Certificate for Admission 
SOP-IP-025 : Referral Sheet 
SOP-IP-026 : Charge- Slip- Indoor Patient 
SOP-IP-027 : Operation Theater Charge Sheet for Procedure 
SOP-IP-028 : Operation Theater Charge Sheet for Medicines / Drugs 
SOP-IP-029 : Patient Visit Record –Doctor 
SOP-IP-030 : Post Acute Care & Operation Notes 
SOP-IP-031 : Nurses Notes / Vital Sign 
SOP-IP-032 : Blood Requisition Form 
SOP-IP-033 : Discharge Booklet 
SOP-IP-034 : Investigation Record Sheet 
SOP-IP-035 : Subsidy Application- For the underprivileged 

Healthcare SOPs - Laboratory Services
SOP-LS-001 : Services and Functions of Lab services
SOP-LS-002 : Procedures to be adopted in Lab 
SOP-LS-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Laboratory Technician 
SOP-LS-004 : Report and Lab Record 
SOP-LS-005 : Stock Register of non-consumables and consumables 
SOP-LS-006 : Investigations Requisition Slip 

Healthcare SOPs - Laundry and Linen Services
SOP-LL-001 : Functions of laundry & linen services
SOP-LL-002 : Services offered by the laundry & linen services 
SOP-LL-003 : Procedures involved in laundry & linen services 
SOP-LL-004 : Assessing Missing and Torn Linen 
SOP-LL-005 : Roles and Responsibilities of Linen Keeper 
SOP-LL-006 : Agreement : Format for Outsourced Laundry Agency 
SOP-LL-007 : Dhobi's Book 
SOP-LL-008 : Log Card for Laundry Machines 
SOP-LL-009 : Stock Register 

Healthcare SOPs - Medical Records Department (MRD)
SOP-MR-001 : Services and Functions of MRD
SOP-MR-002 : MR Operating Procedure 
SOP-MR-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Medical Records Officer 
SOP-MR-004 : MRD Records Register 
SOP-MR-005 : Birth Record Register 
SOP-MR-006 : Death Record Register 
SOP-MR-007 : Report to Municipal Authorities 

Healthcare SOPs - Medico – Legal Services
SOP-ML-001 : Scope of Legal services team
SOP-ML-002 : Procedures to be followed 
SOP-ML-003 : Minimum requirements for Case Sheet /Record 
SOP-ML-004 : Roles and Responsibilities of Paramedical Staff 
SOP-ML-005 : Medical records 

Healthcare SOPs - Nursing Services
SOP-NS-001 : Grooming Standards
SOP-NS-002 : Functions of Nursing Services
SOP-NS-003 : Admission of Patient
SOP-NS-004 : Discharge of Patient
SOP-NS-005 : Room preparation after Death / Discharge
SOP-06-006 : Nursing Care of the Patient
SOP-NS-007 : Intra- department Transfer
SOP-NS-008 : Medicine / Drugs Procedure
SOP-NS-009 : Arranging of Blood
SOP-NS-010 : Investigations
SOP-NS-011 : Pre-operative Care of patient
SOP-NS-012 : Post-operative Care of patient
SOP-NS-013 : Roles & Responsibilities of Nursing
SOP-NS-014 : Roles & Responsibilities of Nursing Supervisor
SOP-NS-015 : Roles & Responsibilities of Ward In-charge / Sister
SOP-NS-016 : Roles & Responsibilities of Staff Nurse: General
SOP-NS-017 : Roles & Responsibilities of Staff Nurse: Technical
SOP-NS-018 : Roles & Responsibilities of Staff Nurse: ICU Patients
SOP-NS-019 : Roles & Responsibilities of Sister Tutor
SOP-NS-020 : Hostel Rules for Nurses
SOP-NS-021 : Policies: Routine Medication Times
SOP-NS-022 : Policies: Parental Therapy
SOP-NS-023 : Nurses – Contractual Agreement
SOP-NS-024 : Nurses – Bond
SOP-NS-025 : Nurses Night Register
SOP-NS-026 : Stock Register
SOP-NS-027 : Medicines and Consumables Stock Register
SOP-NS-028 : Patient Case Sheet Papers
SOP-NS-029 : Nursing Roster Format

Healthcare SOPs - Operation Theater Services
SOP-OT-001 : Services offered by Operation Theater
SOP-OT-002 : Policies to be adhered the Operation Theater 
SOP-OT-003 : Operation Theater Procedure
SOP-OT-004 : Roles and responsibilities of In-Charge Operation Theater (O.T.)
SOP-OT-005 : Roles and responsibilities of O.T. Technician
SOP-OT-006 : OT Register
SOP-OT-007 : Non-consumable Stock Register
SOP-OT-008 : Consumable Stock Register
SOP-OT-009 : PAC & Operation Notes
SOP-OT-010 : Anesthesia Record
SOP-OT-011 : OT Charge Slip
SOP-OT-012 : OT Drug Charge Slip
SOP-OT-013 : Operation List Proforma
SOP-OT-014 : Blood Requisition Form

Healthcare SOPs - Out Patient Department (OPD) Services
SOP-OP-001 : Special Duties performed by OPD Staff
SOP-OP-002 : Grooming Standards 
SOP-OP-003 : Facility requirements at OPD 
SOP-OP-004 : OPD Registers 
SOP-OP-005 : Treatment Register 
SOP-OP-006 : OPD Slip 
SOP-OP-007 : Prescription Slip 
SOP-OP-008: Investigation Requisitions 
SOP-OP-009 : Referral Slips 
SOP-OP-010 : Receipt Book 
SOP-OP-011 : Appointment Card 
SOP-OP-012 : Immunization Card 
SOP-OP-013 : Cardiac Clinic Record 
SOP-OP-014 : Eye Examination Form 

Healthcare SOPs - Patient Care
SOP-PC-001 : Emergency Department
SOP-PC-002 : Reception and Treatment of Patient in ER 
SOP-PC-003 : Process Flow for Medical Patients in E.R. 
SOP-PC -004: Process Flow for Surgical Patients in E.R. 
SOP-PC-005 : Intensive Care Unit 
SOP-PC-006 : In-Door Patient Care 
SOP-PC-007 : Out Patient Department 
SOP-PC-008 : Procedure Room 
SOP-PC-009 : Endoscopy Room / Electrocardiography 
SOP-PC-010 : Pathology Reception 
SOP-PC-011 : Radiology Department 
SOP-PC-012 : Ultrasound and Doppler Examination 
SOP-PC-013 : Cleaning and Washing 

Healthcare SOPs - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services
SOP-PR-001 : Functions and Services
SOP-PR-002 : Procedures to be adopted by Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services 
SOP-PR-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Physiotherapist 
SOP-PR-004 : Record of treatment 
SOP-PR-005 : Stock Register, Consumables and Non-Consumables 
SOP-PR-006 : Format Agreement 

Healthcare SOPs - Prevention and Control of Infection
SOP-PR-001 : Occupational Health Risk
SOP-PR-002 : Barrier Precautions for Students 
SOP-PR-003 : Healthy Behaviors Adaptation for Prevention and 
SOP-PR-004 : Control of Hepatitis 
SOP-PR-005 : SOP's for Injection Safety, Device Control and Hospital Waste Management 
SOP-PR-006 : Waste Disposal Policy 

Healthcare SOPs - Reception Services
SOP-RS-001 : Receptionist Grooming standards
SOP-RS-002 : Answering Visitor Queries 
SOP-RS-003 : Registering Out Patient Department Patients 
SOP-RS-004 : Handling EPBAX 
SOP-RS-005 : Fees collection pertaining to registration, fees for various Out Patient Department investigation / Procedures 
SOP-RS-006 : Advance collection from patients getting admitted. 
SOP-RS-007 : Attendant Pass 
SOP-RS-008 : Appointment Card 
SOP-RS-009 : Admission – Discharge Register 
SOP-RS-010 : Doctor's Attendance Register 
SOP-RS-011 : Maintenance Log Book 
SOP-RS-012 : Dispatch Register 
SOP-RS-013 : Medical Certificate Book 
SOP-RS-014 : Death Certificate Book 
SOP-RS-015 : Daily Report 
SOP-RS-016 : Patient Suggestion/ Feedback Letter 

Healthcare SOPs - Security Services
SOP-SS-001 : Functions and Services of Security Department
SOP-SS-002 : Procedures to be adopted by Security Department 
SOP-SS-003 : Roles and responsibilities of Guards 
SOP-SS-004 : Roles and responsibilities of Security Officer 
SOP-SS-005 : Roles and responsibilities of Hospital Fire Officer 
SOP-SS-006 : Fire Orders and Precautions against outbreak of Fire 
SOP-SS-007 : Attendant Pass 
SOP-SS-008 : Format for Security Agreement 

Healthcare SOPs - Stores and Materials Management
SOP-MS-001 : Functions and Services 
SOP-MS-002 : Procedures to be adopted by Stores 
SOP-MS-003 : Roles and responsibilities of In-charge Storekeeper 
SOP-MS-004 : Demands Book 
SOP-MS -005: Requisition Slip 
SOP-MS-006 : Requisition-cum-Issue Slip 
SOP-MS-007 : Bin Card 
SOP-MS-008 : Log Card 
SOP-MS-009 : Gate Pass 
SOP-MS-010 : Daily/ Weekly / Monthly Material Receipt Summary 
SOP-MS-011 : Material Inward Report 
SOP-MS-012 : Material Receipt Report 
SOP-MS-013 : Rate Comparison Sheet 
SOP-MS-014 : Purchase Order 
SOP-MS-015 : Stock Register 
SOP-MS-016 : Room Inventory 
SOP-MS-017 : Daily Material Outward Report 
SOP-MS-018 : Material Return Slip 
SOP-MS-019 : Stationery Inquiry Guidelines 
SOP-MS-020 : Vehicle Gate Pass 

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