A Standard Operating Procedure, abbreviated as SOP, is a documented collection of step-by-step instructions to streamline the activities of a business. SOP is a cost-effective, process standardisation or stabilisation method, improves the productivity, safety, customer service and regulatory compliance of an organisation. Assigning an SOP to a role (an employee) clearly defines and communicates the job responsibilities as well as expected performance standards. Though SOP helps in creating process-centric organisations, it is the most under-utilised tool in companies around the world. Many companies try to adopt some ready-made SOPs, which results in poor adoption and does not deliver the desired results, if not adversely affecting the business operations. The purpose of this program is to equip the business managers to lead their team in developing SOPs by applying process techniques, creating organisational culture, designing team structure, deploying training methodology and instilling auditing procedures. SOP development involves the following key stages (1) Create a stakeholder group (2) Identify the primary, secondary and management processes of the organisation (3) Map the current state of those processes (4) Develop the future state of the processes (5) Document the future state and (6) Train the relevant stakeholders.

Program Date: Saturday, 22-November-2017

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