The keyword “Business Plan” and its variants are being searched in the internet within India for almost 5,07,600 times in a year. As a Business Consulting firm, we come across lots of enquiries on daily basis on “How to create a business plan?”. Many entrepreneurs approach us for a ready-made business idea along with a business plan. We humbly refuse it, as it is not good for an entrepreneur. Both the business idea and the business plan should come from the entrepreneur himself/herself, as ‘PASSION’ is the most important ingredient for a successful business than anything else. A business consulting firm like Fhyzics can help entrepreneurs in the process of creating and fine tuning the business plans, but it should not be outsourced. This led to the launching of this one-day program, where the participants will learn the various stages involved in creating a business plan, understanding investor needs, contents and finally how to present it to an angel investor?. This program will fully prepare an entrepreneur on how to select a viable business idea? and on how to turn it into a winning business plan?.

Program Date: Saturday, 19-August-2017

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