Business Analytics is all about transforming the data to information and then using that information for effective decision making. Small and large organisations have loads of data, but don’t know how to use them? The data is being collected for the sake of collecting, but forgotten over the period or no one has the time to mine it for opportunities. All organisations has two types of opportunities, one, the visible opportunity and the other is hidden opportunity. Most organisations are doing good on the visible part of the opportunity, but completely clueless about the invisible opportunity. This invisible opportunity is very much lying dormant within the organisation, one need not have to find it elsewhere – that is the data what we have in our organisations. Today, most of the business analytics programs are tools based and doesn’t delve into the principles of data science. Even if I have an Aladdin Lamp and don’t know where to rub, it is useless in my hand. Hence knowledge of a tool without understanding the principles of data science will not be very helpful. I would rather recommend 'Master Microsoft Excel’, which all of us know and try to mine the data what you have in your organisation. Because most of the time, I find people embark on business analytics are misdirected to mastering a tool or two and completely loose the focus on the very foundation of how to interpret a data or information?.

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