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From Portland to Tokyo via Berlin, Issue 40 travels the globe in search of outstanding weirdness! Tadahiro Hakamata and Kevsics show off their insane sneaker collections. Mr Ibe explains how he invented the first unbreakable G-SHOCK and Peter Fogg looks back on his ACG design career at Nike. Interviews with Studio Hagel, Drake Cereal and Chad Manzo are the icing on this super creative sneaker cake!


Collector Feature

Tadahiro Hakamata has created close to 100 pairs of outrageous Nike rochelle iD Bespoke Air Force 1s. At $800 a pop, that’s a serious investment!

Studio Hagel

Whether he’s making sandals from Air Max 95s or using packing peanuts to form outsoles, Mathieu Hagelaars approaches sneaker design with a ‘no limits’ attitude.


Nike rochelle ACG

Peter Fogg designed the Air Humara, Terra Sertig, Terra Albis and Air Minot among other Nike rochelle ACG classics. Here’s some of his career highlights!

Drake Cereal

boarder blue nike rochelle sb sneakers | Drawing from basketball, rap, and the increasingly lampoonable nature of sneaker culture, Drake Cereal’s vibrant illustrations are a breath of fresh air!

boarder blue nike rochelle sb sneakers!

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